Northern Great Plains
History Conference

NGPHC logo on a prairie grass background
NGPHC Logo Design
NGPHC website on mobile screen
NGPHC web design mobile view
NGPHC website on tablet screen
NGPHC web design tablet view
website on desktop screen
NGPHC web design desktop view

Project Overview

The Northern Great Plains History Conference needed a brand design that showed a characteristic feature of this geographic area as well as a website. Some of the processes involved in this project were brand design, information architecture, UX, and web design.

Project Details

The Northern Great Plains History Conference was a previous year capstone project that for 2018 wanted to create a website specifically for the conference, so they had all the information on one site.

In previous years, the information about the conference changed from year to year depending on the university that would host it. However, they needed to keep all the information on one site to keep track of past conferences, communicate and share valuable content about the current and future gatherings.

Ana Camelo, a second-year student in the developer specialisation, took the project and worked together with the client to complete it and achieve their needs and goals. The platform used for creating the website was Squarespace, considering that the client needs to change the content regularly for promoting future conferences and keep an archive of the previous ones.

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