Brandon Career Symposium

2018 - Brandon Career Symposium 2018 Logo
2018 - Brandon Career Symposium 2018 Poster
2018 - Brandon Career Symposium 2018 Brochure
2018 - Brandon Career Symposium New Website
2018 - Brandon Career Symposium

Project Overview

For the Brandon Career Symposium, our client wanted promotional material, an update to last year"s website (2017) as well as a brochure to be handed out at the Symposium. The students in this group also attended the Symposium and ran their own booth.

Project Details

The Brandon Career Symposium has been active for a while and every year they update their website and brochures and choose a new theme. It was the students job to choose a theme and create promotional material as well as update the website.

Each group member took on a role as a developer or a designer and worked hard to create a cohesive branding package for the Brandon Career Symposium. They choose to go with a Retro-Wave, 80's inspired theme. It allowed for them to play with a lot of vibrant colors and appeal to their demographic which was mainly students looking to further their education.

Throughout the entire capstone, it was extremely important to stay active on social media, as well as coming up with a social media marketing plan to extend their reach. The interactive brochure allowed for students to download the map to their phone and be able to navigate the Symposium with ease.

The brochure was designed with the user in mind. The students opted to have the exhibitor's list categorized alphabetically rather than by sections. This made it easy for the students to navigate the symposium. As well as the print brochure, the interactive brochure worked well for students. Students were able to download it on their phone.

Previously the Career Symposium used the same template, but the students this year, found a new template and found a way to display all the content in a more user-friendly way.

Anyssa Gates, Kyle Martin, Jess Paterson, Paige Schreiner, and Elisa Swedberg are all second-year students who worked together with the client to achieve their goals. They used WordPress to update the old website and create a new website. For the brochure, and other promotional material they used applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Brandon Career Symposium plans to run next year and hopefully the next year's students will continue to update the site and create new material.

Team who worked on this project: Anyssa Gates, Kyle Martin, Jess Paterson, Paige Schreiner, Elisa Swedberg, upcoming 2018 graduates.